Ohrigstad is the oldest town on the Panorama Route. Ohrigstad was founded in 1845 by Hendrik Potgieter, the well-known “Voortrekker” leader He named the town after himself and George Ohrig: Andries-Ohrigstad. Sadly, the town was plagued by malaria mosquitoes and abandoned in 1848. Ohrigstad was only resettled in the 1900s when the malaria plague was controlled. Thankfully, today Ohrigstad is a malaria-free zone. In addition, relics of Iron and Stone Age civilisations found in the area indicate that the Pedi and San groups lived here thousands of years ago. The Voortrekker Fort was built around 1847 by early pioneering Voortrekkers. The main purpose of the fortifications were to protect themselves and their families against possible attacks by the local tribes in the general Ohrigstad vicinity. The fort is in the same grounds as the Andries Hendrik Potgieter Gedenksaal (Memorial Hall). The Fort was built by using a combination of dry stone walling and mud brick layering with loopholes supported by state stone lintels, making rifle-fire easier. The site is mostly in ruins today.

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